Child Benefit and Eligibility for the ECO4 Grant Scheme

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Income Caps Based on Who Lives In The Household and Number of Children

The following table outlines the income caps for Child Benefit eligibility under the ECO4 scheme:

Household CompositionNumber of ChildrenIncome Cap
Single Adult (combined income)1£19,800
Single Adult (combined income)2£24,600
Single Adult (combined income)3£29,400
Single Adult (combined income)4 or more£34,200
Couple (combined income)1£27,300
Couple (combined income)2£32,100
Couple (combined income)3£36,900
Couple (combined income)4 or more£41,700
*Income Caps Based on Household Composition and Number of Children. Please note: for single claimants, the threshold is based on the combined income of every adult in the household who is responsible for council tax.

The income cap increases with the number of children and is higher for couples to reflect the typically higher costs and incomes associated with larger households.

Recipients of Child Benefit and Eligibility for the ECO4 Grant Scheme

For recipients of Child Benefit, the ECO4 scheme presents a valuable opportunity to enhance home energy efficiency, reduce heating costs, and improve living conditions. Therefore, by taking advantage of this government initiative, eligible families can achieve significant cost savings and health benefits, all while contributing to environmental sustainability. Overall, exploring the ECO4 scheme could be a crucial step towards creating a more energy-efficient, economically manageable, and comfortable home.