Oil Boiler Replacement Grant Available

Read why oil boiler replacement is vital for your off gas property and see if you are eligible for an ECO4 grant:

Save Up To 60% On Heating Bills with ASHP
Cut Electricity Costs by 100% with Solar Panels
100% Free Government-Backed Grant
Eco-Friendly: Reduce Your Carbon Emissions by 90%
Energy Independence: Beat Rising Energy Prices

Let’s Check Your Eligibility for a Free Heating Grant

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    If you are eligible for the ECO4 grant and once your install is complete, you will receive a free energy-saving gift pack or a £100 cash award, as a thank you from us for choosing Fairway Energy. Terms Apply.

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    Benefits of An Off Gas Property Grant

    Replacing your oil boiler and oil storage tank with renewable energy solutions has many benefits, including:

    Save Up to 60% on Heating Bills with ASHP

    Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are on average 300% efficient (COP of 3). If the current oil heating system is about 85% efficient, switching to ASHP can reduce the energy needed for heating by roughly 60%.

    Cut Electricity Costs by 100% with Solar Panels

    Solar panels can generate electricity to cover most or all of a household’s electricity needs, potentially cutting electricity costs to zero.

    100% Free Government-Backed Grant

    Eligible households can receive all this 100% free through a government-backed grant.

    Eco-Friendly: Reduce Your Carbon Emissions by 90%

    Switching from oil heating (which has high carbon emissions) to ASHP and solar can significantly reduce a household’s carbon footprint.

    Energy Independence: Beat Rising Energy Prices

    There are many benefits to generating your own power and reducing dependence on external energy sources, starting with providing protection against future energy price hikes.

    What People Say

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    Mark Collins
    Amazing! We could not be happier with our new boiler and our home feels so much warmer with the work done. Good company and staff keep you informed all the way.
    Frank Anderson
    Awesome! We went to Fairway Energy because our home felt cold, and our bills were high. Since the work has been completed the house is much warmer and we don’t need the heating on as much.
    John Lee
    Top-notch company. Recommend to others.
    Brandon Robinson
    Amazing! We could not be happier with the work Fairway Energy have done for us. Did everything promised and more. Highly recommend.
    Jose Hughes
    They left our home spotless and their attention to detail has been amazing.
    Timothy Hughes
    Very good service. Can’t fault them. would recommend
    neil crapper
    Excellent communication with the surveyor Highly recommended to anyone
    Brilliant company. Staff are all very friendly and helpful and the guys who did the work did an excellent job. Thank you everyone, you all did a great job and I'm looking forward to a cozy winter this year! Thanks again
    Kevin Miller
    They surveyed my property really quickly and the work started not long after. The whole process was straightforward and they did a great job on our home.. definitely recommend!
    Maroš Dulla
    Excellent company. Highly recommend.

    How Can You Apply for a Free Off Gas Property Grant?

    Replace Oil Heating With Renewable Energy Solutions

    Heat Pumps

    Let us plan and design a bespoke heat pump system tailor-made for your off gas property, should you qualify. Providing you with heating and hot water powered using clean energy at a reduced cost.


    Insulation is vital for properties in rural areas, where weather conditions may be harsh. The installation of your new insulation will not cost you a penny and will save you on your heating and running costs.

    Solar Panels

    Generate renewable energy via solar panels fitted on your off gas property. These can be fitted in conjunction with an air source heat pump system, further reducing your running costs and carbon usage.


    New Boilers Installed+


    Heat Pumps Installed


    Professional Installers

    More Reasons for Oil Boiler Replacement

    Replacing oil heating with renewable solutions such as air source heat pumps (ASHP), solar panels, and enhanced insulation offers a range of benefits that make it a compelling option for homeowners and renters alike. What’s more, in rural and off-gas properties, there are 100% free grants available for eligible households to make these energy improvements.

    Replacing oil heating with renewable solutions such as air source heat pumps, solar panels, and improved insulation is a smart choice for environmental, financial, and safety reasons. With the support of various grants and financial incentives available in Wales, Scotland and England, including many rural areas, homeowners and private renters can make this transition easily. Also, embracing renewable heating solutions not only benefits individual households but also contributes to broader environmental goals and community development. Therefore, the shift towards renewable energy is a crucial step in achieving a sustainable and secure energy future. So, get in touch with Fairway Energy today to discuss your Oil Boiler Replacement.