The Best Eco Shops In Liverpool | Guide

Welcome to our eco-conscious guide to Liverpool’s finest green shopping destinations! At Fairway Energy we value environmental sustainability. Therefore, we wanted to recognise and tip our hats to other wonderful eco friendly businesses in Liverpool. That’s why, we’re excited to introduce you to some of the best eco shops in Merseyside, meticulously chosen by us for their commitment to environmentally friendly practices, ethical sourcing, and innovative products and services. These stores not only offer a diverse range of sustainable goods—from organic groceries and eco-friendly homeware to recycled products—but also embody the spirit of responsible consumerism. Join us as we explore these eco havens that are leading the way towards a greener future in Liverpool.

Best Eco Shops In Liverpool Award

Shared Earth

Shared Earth, founded in York in 1986 by Jeremy Piercy, emerged from his desire to address global wealth imbalance and environmental issues through Fair Trade. Initially offering a diverse mix of products from Asia, Africa, and South America, the shop quickly responded to high demand for Fair Trade gifts by introducing its own brand items, including recycled paper greetings cards and T-shirts. Today, with a shop also located in Liverpool, Shared Earth is a large retailer and wholesaler of Fair Trade products, importing unique home and giftware, jewellery, fashion accessories, and more.
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Refill is your go-to destination for sustainable living, offering a wide range of high-quality products including oils, cereals, pulses, sweets, and cleaning products, all sold in reusable containers. Their mission is to reduce single-use plastic waste and promote eco-friendly practices by providing customers with the ability to refill containers, making it easier to shop responsibly without sacrificing convenience. Check out their commitment to sustainability and make your everyday shopping more environmentally friendly with Refill.

Green Charm House of Plants

The Green Charm House of Plants Shop stands out for its wide selection of rare, healthy house plants. The store’s unique greenhouse environment, created from a deep love for plants, ensures that every plant thrives with optimal warmth, light, and humidity. This nurturing setting allows the plants to grow, thrive, and bloom beautifully. In addition to their diverse plant selection, they offer a variety of arrangements, pots, baskets, and plant care accessories, making it easy to find the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. The Green Charm House of Plants Shop also guarantees fast and safe shipping directly to your door.
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Adam’s Apple

On December 12, 1969, the Traynor brothers, Doug and Roger, opened their first shop in Maghull, and their success led to multiple stores across Liverpool. Today, Doug’s last remaining shop at 132 Allerton Road has been a community staple for 35 years. Doug works six days a week, starting at 4am to source fresh produce from Preston Market and meticulously restock the store’s fruit and vegetable display. Over the years, the shop has seen notable visitors like Ken Dodd and Nick Clegg, featured in a ‘Come Dine With Me’ episode, and endured significant events such as the Toxteth Riots and IRA bomb hoaxes. Despite the rise of superstores and online shopping, the Allerton Road shop, surrounded by other independent businesses, remains a hub of social interaction and community support, reflecting Doug’s deep commitment to his lifelong trade.
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MerseyCycle is a social enterprise dedicated to recycling bikes, recovering bicycles from waste recycling centers, industry donations, and the public. With a team of volunteers, these bikes are refurbished and either sold or donated to community projects. MerseyCycle holds sales of refurbished bikes throughout the year at Court Hey Park, Knowsley, and occasionally offers bike maintenance and safety instruction courses.
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The Best Eco Shops In Liverpool

In celebrating the eco-friendliness of these remarkable shops in Liverpool, we shine a light on the positive impact of sustainable business practices within our community. From innovative recycling initiatives at MerseyCycle to the zero-waste ethos at Refill, and the dedicated efforts of local icons like Doug’s fruit and vegetable shop, these businesses exemplify a commitment to environmental stewardship. Their efforts not only provide eco-friendly products and services but also foster a sense of community and social responsibility. As we recognise and support these green champions, we encourage everyone to embrace sustainability and contribute to a greener, healthier future for Liverpool and beyond.